The Stewardship of Evangelism, Part 2

Stewardship of Evangelism

In a follow-up video to the last video in the Titus Roundtable series, Pastor Joe continues to discuss evangelism. Many pastors wonder how they can motivate their congregation to evangelize. But if Jesus is the focus of the church then the gospel stays central in the church and is allowed to spread through the church in everyday life.

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The Stewardship of Evangelism

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Grumpy believers don’t make good witnesses. As one pastor states in this week’s episode of The Titus Roundtable, “If He wasn’t giving you joy and satisfying you and changing you, why would they want Him?” Joyful believers overflow with joy. When joy in Jesus wells up inside, they can’t help but spill it out on those around them. Pastors must shepherd this joy and help send out joyful believers into the harvest.

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Answers To Prayer

imageAnswers To Prayer

God delights to hear our prayers.  He also delights in answering them when they are offered by faith, according to His will, and in His time.  While we don’t always see those answers, at least not right away, there are many times when we do see them.  When that happens, it’s a great time to give thanks, to be in awe of our loving Lord, and to be encouraged by Him.  It’s also a good idea to record those prayers and answers in writing for future encouragement to us and to others.

Below are three examples of prayer answers from the everyday life:

(1) From Dr. W.E. Hawkins (Brother Hawkins), founder of Bible Prayer Fellowship (previously Radio Revival) – a page from his personal journal, dated October 26, 1926 and titled: God does not forget:

“This morning I needed a haircut. I had only 46 cents but the price is 50 cents.  From 12:00 to 1:00 pm in front of the People’s Rescue Mission with three friends we held a street meeting.  Two drunks put a quarter each on a chair from which I was distributing Gospels of John.  This makes me happy to know that God notices every little need and will provide.  The gifts were in no way solicited.  ‘But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, Phillipians 4:19.'”

Your Heavenly Father Knows(2) About 20 years later Brother Hawkins’ oldest son, Neal Hawkins, had a similar need but experienced a somewhat different answer to his prayer while a student at Columbia Bible College in South Carolina. Neal wanted to go to a special social event at the college, but badly needed a haircut.  Having no money, he went to the basement of his dormitory to pray about it.

Opening his Bible, he read Matthew 6:32-33 and was astounded by the phrase in verse 32: “your heavenly Father knows that you have need of these things.”  For a long time Neal mulled over that passage.  As he told us years later, “My eyes were opened like never before with the truth that I have a loving heavenly father Who cares for me!” For hours in that basement corner he enjoyed sweet communion with his Father.   Neal said that he didn’t get the money he asked for, but he received something far more valuable–his relationship with God was deeply  enriched in a way that stayed with him for life.  Asked about the needed haircut, he said, “Oh, I just combed my hair back, went to the social, and had a good time.”

If from God vs Satan

(3) Dr. Mark Bubeck, founder of International Center of Biblical Counseling (now Deeper Walk Intl), experienced many specific answers to prayer. One incident he related involved his arriving at the Minneapolis airport to speak at a spiritual warfare conference.  Quite a few people were coming to the conference from other states.  The pastor who met Dr. Bubeck at the airport was glum.  He had just heard that a major blizzard was expected to hit Minneapolis, which would likely cause the travelers to be stranded and the conference to be cancelled.

Dr. Bubeck suggested that they pray together about this right then, which they did.  He prayed, “Lord, if this storm is of you then we’ll accept it.  But if it’s an effort of Satan to stop this conference, then we pray in the name of Christ that You would bind these evil forces of darkness and protect us and all the attendees from the storm. ”  They then proceeded with the meetings without any problem and saw the blessing of the Lord in many lives.

The next day they learned that the blizzard had hit hard the areas just north of the city, to the south, to the east, and to the west.  Minneapolis itself was spared!


In 1946 Brother Hawkins wrote these words, which are just as pertinent for today:

“The psalmist prayed (in Psalm 71:1), ‘In Thee, oh Lord do I put my trust.  Let me never be put to confusion!’  May we trust only God.  May our faith and confidence in Him grow and in everything we do may we praise and magnify His name.  He does answer prayer.  I know my Father answers every prayer that He puts in my heart.  Prayer is the source of all spiritual power.

“When we recall what men like George Mueller and Hudson Taylor accomplished by prayer, it is easy to see that the greatest need of our time is the type of man or woman who knows what it means to go into his prayer closet, shut the door, and remain there until God opens it.  Then remember that true prayer and fellowship with God cannot be all from one side.  We need to be still, to wait and to hear what response God gives.”

Reprinted by permission.  All rights reserved. May be copied for free distribution without making any changes.


The Stewardship of Equipping the Saints

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There is a common thread of thought that pastors ought to be the ones who visit the sick, meet with those who wish to be discipled, run this ministry and that ministry, all the while diligently preparing the next sermon. However, pastors are to equip the saints within the local body to love and serve in harmony and to edify one another in love. This week’s Titus Roundtable and companion blog give practical advice on how achieve this equipping.

The Stewardship of Discipleship

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The authority and reality of Jesus becomes clearly focused when we count the cost and make a choice. Like cream rising to the top, those who count the cost and choose Christ are faithful ones in our congregations that are willing and wanting more. Pastors must be on the lookout for these people, ready to disciple them in order to create more disciples.

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The Stewardship of Warfare

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Followers of Christ are well aware of warfare. Attacks are to be expected in the life of the believer and the church, but the authority and the sufficiency of Christ is tried and proven in these attacks. Leaders can help their people see adversity as even a grace that keeps us dependent on the Lord. Learn more in this week’s Titus Roundtable.

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The Stewardship of Worship

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In the latest episode of The Titus Roundtable, Joe discusses how to maintain the life of Christ in a church. In previous episodes we learned that the life of Christ invades the church through grace, and we respond with acts of faith. However, we sometimes lose sight of the object of our faith, and worship becomes stale. Worship, though, sustains that life. Learn more in this week’s episode!

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The Stewardship of Prayer

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In last week’s episode of The Titus Roundtable, Joe and friends discussed what it means to have Jesus as Lead Pastor. When a local church puts Jesus back in His rightful position as Head of the church then prayer can be put back into its rightful place as the vital connection to the Head. This week’s episode discusses the importance of prayer in the life of the believer and the local church.

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