Jesus as Lead Pastor: Pray in the Harvest

Jesus as Lead Pastor

The need for salvation around us is great; how do we know where to start? In Matthew 9, Jesus gives us instruction. Pray to the Lord of the harvest. When we pray in this way, we keep our eyes on Jesus. Then our love for Him overflows in us and spills over to those in the harvest who desperately need it. Learn more in this week’s video, and visit the Paradigm One blog for more discussion on evangelism and the Lord of the harvest.

Jesus as Lead Pastor: Pray for the Inner Man First

Jesus as Lead Pastor

Praying for the physical needs of those who are living in trials is important, but we often overlook praying just as fervently for the spirits of those in these trials. Praying for strength, grace, joy, and more can rescue prayer meetings from a list of repetitious requests; it can breathe life into those praying and those who need prayer. Learn more in this week’s video.

Also check out the Paradigm One blog as Joe explores this topic in-depth plus Paul’s prayers for the inner man.

Jesus as Lead Pastor: Pray in the Vine

Jesus as Lead Pastor

In John 15, Jesus said that He is the Vine, and we are the branches. He provides us with all the life we need to bear fruit. When we pray with this mindset, we rescue prayer from self sufficiency and the shaky confidence of our own plans. Learn more about this place of prayer in this week’s video. Follow up on the Paradigm One blog with Scripture to help you pray in the Vine.

Jesus as Lead Pastor: Headship and Ultimate Success

Jesus as Lead Pastor

Jesus’ ministry on earth was successful because the terms and conditions of His success were clearly defined by the Father. Jesus perfectly sought and obeyed the Father’s word and will, and due to this single devotion, He was ultimately successful. Pastors, church leaders, and ministry leaders can follow Jesus’ model to build truly successful churches and ministries where real transformation is occurring from the inside out. Learn more in this week’s video.

Check out the companion blog for more information on how to follow Christ’s example of servant leadership to grow healthy churches and ministries.

Jesus as Lead Pastor: Headship and Family

Jesus as Lead Pastor

Simply praying together as husband and wife makes a significant difference in a marriage. Praying together as a family unites everyone under the active headship of Jesus and tells Him that we love Him and want to be here. Learn more about the importance of praying together in this week’s video. Check out the companion blog at Paradigm One for suggestions to get started praying together as a couple.