Where Does Evangelism Begin?

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Pastors and church leaders often struggle with silent believers. How do we get our church to witness? Where do we start with our evangelistic outreach? These are common questions that are all to often are answered in the flesh and acted upon in the flesh.

In this week’s Prayer Circle, we will discover that evangelism begins in prayer with the Lord of the Harvest. Watch our latest video to learn more.


How Does a Christian Experience God’s Fullness?

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We were created to worship and glorify our awesome God. When we fulfill that purpose, we get to experience fullness of joy. Prayer is our initiator, our moment to let God know that we are ready and willing to fulfill this purpose. Learn more in this week’s Prayer Circle.

Pastor Mike provides more information and clarity regarding God’s fullness and how we use prayer to experience God’s fullness on the Paradigm One blog!

The Secret Of Success As Fathers And Mothers

pexels-photo-532508Every Christian parent wants to be successful in bringing up children who remain faithful to the Lord.  In times like these when our society is openly hostile to Christian values, it seems almost impossible to bring up children who are strong in their faith in Christ Jesus.  But remember that with God nothing is impossible.

Andrew Murray offers hope and help.

“To all parents who long to have their homes truly consecrated by God’s presence and service, His Word has a message of comfort and strength:
God is willing to be the God of our homes, if we are willing to let Him.”
“With His divine power He will do for us more than we can ask or think.  The one thing needful is that parents should know and believe what He has undertaken to do as the God of their children.”

We parents need to take our place as helpless little children and trust our Father to first take charge of us.  He will hear your cry.  He will train you to lead your children to Him.

I will never forget the day when I woke up as a father and saw myself as a child who needed my Father’s correction and guidance.  Correction came first.  He led me to see that losing control of my temper was ruining my relationship with my children.

I repented and apologized to my son.  I then went to my room, got down on my knees and told God, “I will trust you to be completely in charge of me.”  After that  I got in the habit of seeking His guidance in every decision I made regarding my children.  A great burden was lifted and sweet peace came over me.  I faced many tests after that, but I faced them with quietness and confidence.  I was sure that my Father was actively in charge.

The children sensed the change that had come over me, and in due time they changed.  The Lord had begun to be the God of my home.  My children are grown now.  There are new tests and challenges.  My family and I are still learning fresh lessons.  When we stumble we know to return to our Father.  He restores our soul and leads us once more in the path of faith, love and obedience.  The journey toward successful fatherhood and motherhood continues until we reach heaven.  We hope that when we stand before Him, the Lord will say, “Well done, good and faithful parent.”

By Oliver W. Price, © Bible Prayer Fellowship 2018

Excerpt by Andrew Murray, The Children For Christ, (Moody Press, Chicago, 1952), 11-25.

Does Jesus Want Us to be Joyful?

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If we aren’t careful, subtle substitutes for Jesus can creep into our hearts. These substitutes can offer us many temporary things, but the kind of joy that Jesus offers has no equal. In this week’s Prayer Circle, we’ll discover that fullness of joy exists in the mindset of Jesus Christ obviously present and actively in charge.

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Prayer Letter for May 2018

bible-556720Dear Prayer Partners:

God continues to answer our prayers for open doors for this ministry outreach!

Our director, Joe Humrichous, has been quite active lately.  In April he made a fruitful trip to Puebla, Mexico where he ministered at a camp.  Great responses!   In early April, Brother Joe met with key contacts in Cedarville, Ohio at Cedarville University, as well as in one of the local churches.  Important groundwork was laid for ministry there later this year.

In Michigan, Joe met with Continental Baptist Missions. He says, “this coast-to-coast church planting mission will be a great partner in spreading our message of God’s people praying together and functioning under the active leadership of Christ in their homes and churches.”  At Rio Grande Bible Inst. in Texas, he worked with staff on Spanish translations of our materials.

Last week Joe attended a dynamic pastors’ conference near Cleveland, Ohio.  In his words, “the excellence of the conference was overwhelming!  Many ideas were birthed as we move forward.  I was able to interact with many pastors and share our materials with them.”

Joe’s earlier trip to a major pastors’ conference in S.C. is beginning to bring additional invitations for ministry this year.

Our 5-7 minute videos are being posted weekly on blogs, with more filming scheduled in June.  Interest in these videos has been growing.  Links to the blogs are on Facebook, and on our two websites:  praywithchrist.org, and Paradigm1.org.  Check them out!

Joe and a group of local prayer partners meet with the Lord each month.  They worship Him, and seek His grace and direction for what God has planned for us.  They understand that spiritual activities alone will not “cut it.”  Jesus said, “without Me you can do nothing.”

We need the absolute control and active leadership of Christ Himself in our lives, families & churches if there is to be any fruit of lasting value.  That’s our united prayer and our aim.

Wes Smith
Web Pastor and Administrator

How Does Prayer Settle Conflicts?

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In this week’s Prayer Circle, we tackle the tough pain point of conflict. Nothing cools the fire of the Holy Spirit like feuding families in a church or a husband and wife at odds. The mindset of Jesus Christ obviously present and actively in charge can settle these conflicts; nothing brings more humility than the presence of Jesus.

Check out this week’s video and read more about conflict resolution in our companion blog.

Who Makes Church Happen?

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There are plenty of good ideas on how to grow your church or ministry, plenty of helpful tips and trends. However, all of these can easily wear a pastor or church leader out if done under his own strength. Lasting fruit comes for the life of Christ lived through us because it’s the natural by-product of His life! In this week’s Prayer Circle, we are encouraging you to not just acknowledge the active Headship of Christ but to welcome Him and intentionally let Him take charge.

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The Power of Praying Together

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In last week’s Prayer Circle, we learned about the importance of having the mindset of Jesus obviously present and actively in charge during prayer. We reinforced the truth that Jesus is the Head of the Church; this week we’ll apply that truth to the family unit.

When we pray with Jesus as the Head of our family, we not only stay in the sweet place of God’s protection, but we also train our children in a pattern prayer that will stay with them long after they have left the home.

Learn more in this week’s Prayer Circle and check out our companion blog to dive deeper into this mindset of prayer.

Who is the Head of the Church?

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In this week’s session, we will search the Scriptures to find just exactly who the head of the church is. In many of our churches today, the pastor is the head or church leaders are the head or sometimes even a voting congregation can think they’re the head. The life of the Body though comes from the one true head, Jesus. These other headships lead to striving in the flesh, but a church with the mindset of Jesus obviously present and actively in charge find life.

Read more about the active Headship of Christ in this week’s blog.

Where Does It Start to Go Wrong?

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When we find our church or ministry in trouble, the first question we might ask ourselves is where did it start to go wrong? How did we get here? All too often, we end up where we are because we have forgotten that we are the branches and He is the Vine. Jesus told the church in Ephesus in the book of Revelation that they had left their first love, and so, too often, do we. In this week’s Prayer Circle, we will learn more about exactly what first love is and how we can get back to a first-love mindset in prayer.

We have prayed that these videos and messages would reach the right person or people. If that’s you, if you find your church is struggling and you need help, please let us know. We’re available for consultations, conferences, phone calls, you name it.

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